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WHAT IS A MENU? It is a list of all foods and drinks offered at an establishment (restaurant, cafe, bar) during its opening times arranged in a particular order.


  1. Banquet (function menu) • Fixed courses & fixed price. • Lower cost, advance booking. • Suitable for large numbers. •Menu can be chosen from fixed courses as per customer or guest requirement.
  2. Buffet Menu: Hot & cold dishes layout, self-served or chef served. •It is suitable for casual & social gathering.
  3. Tea menu • This is a late afternoon meal into a fine art. •A part from the traditional tea other items include sandwiches, bread & pastries
  4. Cycle/Cyclical menu • These are designed to offer frequent guest a Variety •The cycle of menus can be changed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  5. A la Carte Menu: This is a French word and means “According to the Card or Customer’s Order.” A menu in which each food item is separately priced to give the guest choice to suite his/her tastes & budgets.
  6. Snack Menu •Snack menu are offered in between in regular meal timing. •This menu is popular with studded shoppers & casual eaters.
  7. Lunch menu •Lunch menu can vary from elaborate meals or light meals. •It depends on the purpose & culture of the guest.
  8. Dinner menu •These menus are elaborate as guests have more time and leisure for eating •Alcoholic drinks are an essential part of this menu.
  9. BRUNCH MENU • It is designed for the family or guest who wish to wake late. • It has a combination of breakfast & lunch item to suit the mood & taste of the individual. Ex:-fresh fruits, smoked English ham
  10. Specialty menu: This caters to market segment that have particular need.
  11. Ethnic menu: We offer this to our guests with special type of cuisine; African, French, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc.
  12. Children menu: This menu is only for children.
  13. Diet menu: It has become significant with the health conscious modern public so Elegance Suites Hotel provides you that.
  14. Static menu: A static menu is a menu that is often laminated for easy cleanup •It is usually separated into groups such as appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, desserts, etc.
  15. Du jour menu: This kind of menu features an item of the day and changes every day. They are usually focused on seasonal items.
  16. Poolside menu: These menu are specially designed to facilitate easy service beside the pool.
  17. Dessert menu: This menu is offered by restaurants that have guest patisserie. They cater to the public with a sweet tooth much outlet with this specialty would have captive confectioneries to give them an edge.

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